Helicopter HUMS | Helicopter Health & Usage Monitoring Systems

Helicopter HUMS – The Next-Generation Health & Usage Monitoring System for Helicopters
Diagnostic Solutions International offers a proven solution for Helicopter HUMS; a faster, better, proven next-generation embedded diagnostic solution just for helicopters.

The HUMS 1100 / 1200 Series product line is a revolutionary advancement in diagnostic technology for helicopter condition-based maintenance (CBM) applications. The products are based on the highly successful, combatproven 1209 Modern Signal Processing Unit (MSPU) selected by Bell Helicopter, Boeing, and the U.S. Army.

The patent-pending reconfigurable computing architecture offers faster than real-time processing using the latest Virtex4 FPGA and XTremeDSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology from XILINX Corporation.

The Series is compatible with existing helicopter software products, including; PC-GBS, iMDS Database Setup Tool, iMDS Server and the iMDS Matlab® Development Toolbox.

Integrated Technologies for Helicopter HUMS:

  • Health monitoring, diagnostics and recording especially for helicopters
  • Advanced drive train diagnostics
  • Greater than 100db dynamic range
  • Advanced rotor track and balance
  • Event processing and recording
  • Flight regime recognition
  • Engine health monitoring
  • Helicopter Operation Monitoring Program (HOMP/FDM/FOQA) support
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • 802.11 wireless communication interface
  • Integrated inertial system using MEMS and GPS sensors
  • Three embedded processors support partitioned DO-178B software functions
    and systems growth
  • Up to 8GB of compact flash (non-crash survivable) for vehicle or flight data recording

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