calibratorThe Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Calibrators provide complete calibration and functional check of the Spectrum Analyzer, Balancer/Phazor, Strobex, Pickups, and Cables of the Vibrex Systems, as well as the 8500C, 8500C+, and VXP systems.

The Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Calibrator helps to identify faulty or failed components. The Calibrator vibrates the velocimeter or accelerometer at a known frequency and RPM and the fixed rate of vibration serves as a standard for calibration checks of amplitude, phase, and RPM indications.

Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Calibrator Models 11, 11A, 11A/11PS, 11B, and 11B/11PS Calibrator Benefits/Features:

  • Calibration of Vibrex 177M-6A, 177M, 192A, 8350, Vibrex 2000 (V2K), Vibrex 2000 Plus (V2K+), 8500C, 8500C Plus, and VXP systems
  • Calibration of velocimeters, accelerometers, and associated balancer interconnecting cables and circuitry
  • Calibration of balancer phase (clock angle)
  • Calibration of Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Strobex
  • Calibration of magnetic pickups / photocells
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