Win an EV2K+ Balancer at HAI HELI-EXPO 2017! Booth #3904

Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus (EV2K+) Helicopter

You can have it for free!


Join Diagnostic Solutions International LLC for a special HAI-Heli Expo raffle. One lucky aircraft operator will win an Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus (EV2K+), a vibration analysis and balancing tool that rapidly and accurately acquires and analyzes aircraft and engine vibration data.

Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus Features include:

  • Helicopter rotor track & balance (RT&B)
  • Vibration and spectrum analysis
  • Four channel input for multiple balance jobs (with optional cables)
  • Two tachometer channels (mag pickup and photocell)
  • Built-in configurations for popular helicopter models – can be modified and saved to meet user requirements or to support other helicopters
  • Automatic weight sensitivity correction
  • Uses common rechargeable or disposable D-cell batteries
  • Strobex or FastTrak™ for helicopter blade track
  • Usable with all legacy Polar Charts
  • ASCII output (non proprietary)
  • Auto shutoff
  • Auto tuning
  • Display, review and print measurements and solutions
  • Built-in-test (BIT) check and self calibration on power up
  • Battery power indicator

Win a EV2K+ today!

Drawing will be on Wednesday, March 8 at 4:00 P.M.. Booth 3904 – winner notified by email. Must be present at HAI to pick up your prize (Balancer Only).

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