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Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC is the Largest and Most Experienced Worldwide Honeywell Test Distributor

When you are considering buying on-board Honeywell (formerly Chadwick-Helmuth) HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) equipment for your helicopter, or aircraft fleet, consider that Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC has the depth of shelf stock, installation, engineering, and customer support experience that has made us the largest authorized Honeywell distribution in the world.

Our over 150 years of combined service experience is put to work for you by:

  • Solving your complex helicopter and aircraft vibration problems quickly
  • Correcting helicopter rotor track and balance issues
  • Solving difficult aircraft engine component balance problems

Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC specializes in sales, support, training, installation, and repair of on-board HUMS systems including the following models: Enhanced VXP (EVXP), On-Board VXP, Aircraft Integrated Maintenance Systems (AIMS), and the Vibration Monitoring System (VMS II).

Our customer-focused Honeywell HUMS Data services benefit you by:

  • Minimizing fleet downtime due to vibration and engine performance problems
  • Reduce your repair costs due to our superior knowledge base and expertise
  • Save you money by reducing reactive maintenance issues
  • Minimize your wait time for parts due to our significant shelf stock inventory positions

At Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC, we specialize in providing exceptional customer-focued on-site support, training, and HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) data management and analysis. We provide: Honeywell (formerly Chadwick-Helmuth) HUMS hardware, software, skilled engineering, field support, comprehensive system design and implementation, condition based maintenance (CBM), data management, and vibration data analysis services.

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