Air Medical Transport Conference 2015


Please stop by and join us at our booth:

October 19 – October 21

Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, California

Booth 254


Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC is an Authorized Honeywell Zing™ (formerly CHADWICK HELMUTH) Health and Usage Monitoring System Distributor.

Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC specializes in Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth HUMS. We offer our experience and specialized aptitudes in helicopter rotor track and balance, propeller balance, aircraft and engine component balance, vibration analysis, engine performance qualification, and HUMS data management and analysis.

Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC has decades of experience relavent to the usage and operation of the Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Carry-On VXP, On-Board VXP, EVXP, AIMS, Vibrex™ 2000 Plus, VMS II, 8500 C Plus, FasTrak™, Strobex, accelerometers, velocimeters, photocells, magnetic pickups, calibrators, tab tools, Smart Chart™ technologies, VibraLog™, VibReview™, etc.

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