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The Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) is specifically designed to provide leadership, to educate, to inform, to cultivate friendships and to supply up-to-the-minute information on the latest techniques and innovative approaches to emergency medical transport practice from the experts in your field.

All disciplines of emergency medical transport are well represented at the AMTC. It’s simple – the Air Medical Transport Conference is THE conference in the air and ground medical transport field.

Helicopter Air Ambulance operators need to mark their calendars for April 23, 2018. That’s the date new FAA HAA mandates take effect, subjecting operators to a number of new requirements. Operators now have less than two years to equip their aircraft with flight data monitoring (FDM) equipment, helicopter terrain and warning system (HTAWS) technology and radar altimeters.

Whether you operate one air ambulance or manage a multi-aircraft fleet, navigating the new rules can be challenging. Fortunately, Honeywell & DSI are here to help. Honeywell has more experience developing, integrating and applying safety technologies than anyone else. Honeywell offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services that align with the new mandates.

Operators have three years from the April 2015 effective date to bring their helicopters into compliance. The primary goal of the mandate is to dramatically reduce the number of fatal accidents experienced by HEMS operators. The FAA also estimates that the changes will save the industry $480 million over the next decade.

The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded Honeywell Aerospace a supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Sky Connect Tracker III mission management system on the Agusta Leonardo Helicopters AW109E, AW119, AW119 MK11, Airbus Helicopters AS350B2, AS350B3, EC130B4, EC130T2, Airbus Helicopters Deutsch Land GmbH EC135Pl, EC135P2, EC135P2+, EC135T1, EC135T2, EC135T2+ and Bell Helicopters 206, 206A, 206A-1, 206B, 2068-1, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3, 206L-4 and 407 models.

These are the first helicopter STCs for the Honeywell system that meets the 2018 air ambulance mandate and provides satellite tracking and communications services. The full set of STCs, along with complementary EASA certifications. The Sky Connect Tracker III is already certified on the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter and Gulfstream G-IV business jet.

Enabled by the Iridium satellite constellation, the Sky Connect Tracker III is the smallest, lightest and most reliable global mission management system available today. Its dual-channel design enables simultaneous use of voice/data communication and tracking features; and the use of fully redundant operations centers provides industry-leading near-perfect network reliability. With new and legacy systems now operating on more than 5,000 aircraft worldwide, the Honeywell Sky Connect network handles more than 5 million tracking, text and telemetry messages each month.

Honeywell is the leading supplier of systems that make flying safer and more efficient, including the onboard equipment for air ambulance, commercial, military, and general helicopter operations.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) operators are turning to Honeywell Aerospace through Honeywell’s Premier worldwide HUMS/Sky Connect/ Aspire distributor, DSI, to help them enhance safety and comply with FAA rules.

FDM and FOQA – Honeywell is also the leading provider of FDM equipment including flight data and voice recorders. In addition, Honeywell has developed a wide range of technologies that enable Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs. Honeywell’s industry-leading Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) expertise enables condition based maintenance and – more importantly – prevents accidents by helping flight crews and maintenance teams identify and address performance issues before they become serious problems.

The Honeywell Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) have been installed on more than 2500 commercial and military aircraft such as the Airbus EC-135 (T2, P2), EC-145, AS-332, AS-350, Agusta Westland (Leonardo) 109, 119, 139, Bell 206, 212,407,412,427, and Sikorsky S-76 and S-61 model helicopters.

More recently, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC (DSI) for the installation of the VXP On-Board vibration monitoring system installed on the BK117/ EC-145. The STC also provides for integration of the Honeywell Sky Connect Tracker III to the VXP HUMS to provide real time HUMS exceedance alerts.

Honeywell’s VXP solutions are one of several HUMS solutions. The VXP systems are sensor-based monitoring systems that continuously monitor aircraft vibration data at numerous points throughout the drive train, determine component health and pinpoint anomalies before they become catastrophic failures. Honeywell HUMS solutions provide helicopter operators with actionable information that enables them to anticipate mechanical failures, make anticipatory maintenance decisions and act when maintenance is necessary.

“Honeywell is extremely proud of the VXP track record as one of the most field proven vibration products available. With the help of great partners, like DSI, we’re now able to expand the reach of VXP and help enhance safety and reduce maintenance for a new family of aircraft.” said Charles DiSano, Condition Based Maintenance Director for Honeywell.

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