Aircraft Personality Module (APM)

The Aircraft Personality Module (APM) series 400-900-XX is a low cost, hermetically sealed configuration module intended to simplify configuration management and related logistics of acquisition and signal conversion systems by decoupling installation and application specific configuration from the host line replaceable unit (LRU).

Traditional acquisition or signal conversion systems with a multitude of independent LRUs would require separate configuration loads and part numbers for each LRU – potentially adding significant inventory and spares burden.

The APM is intended to be permanently installed within the aircraft wiring harness and to work in conjunction with any of the Diagnostic Solutions International (DSI) acquisition and signal conversion product lines (e.g. MAU or RDC) to allow a single common and generic host LRU to be configured automatically.

A single integral two wire twisted pair cable is used to both power the APM from the host LRU as well as for transmission of data.

Memory sizes range from 8 to 128 kilobytes of redundant and ECC protected configuration data.

APM units can be supplied pre-configured with a customer or vendor allocated part number, or alternatively field loaded during installation with low cost field programming kits.

Diameter10mm (0.4”)
Length44mm (1.75”) plus 280mm (11”) attached wiring
WeightLess than 50 grams (< 2 oz)
Mounting TypeLaced as part of aircraft harness
ConstructionStainless Steel AMS 5513, hermetically sealed (potted)
FinishPassivated (QQ-P-35)
Power supply inputN/A, Powered by Host Acquisition Unit
Power supply consumptionMaximum 1 watt
Input ConnectorNil (pre-supplied with crimped 22D pin contacts at end of M27500ML2T08 cable)
Operating Temp. (operating)-55 to +70 degrees Celcius
Operating Temp. (non-operating)-55 to +85 degrees Celcius
Operating AltitudeUp to 55,000 ft
Environmental QualificationRTCA DO-160G
Design AssuranceRTCA DO-254 and DO-178C (as applicable)
Production ApprovalsFAA PMA (where PMA assist applies), otherwise Certificate of Conformance
Please feel free to contact us for additional information and services quotes.

Contact us for additional information and services quotes

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