Cockpit Area Microphone and Control Panel

The optional accessories for the 200 series cockpit voice and fl ight data recorder product line include a Cockpit Area Microphone, as well as a Cockpit Control Panel – meeting all applicable ED-112A crash survivability system performance regulations.
The Cockpit Area Microphone is available either standalone, or centrally mounted within the Cockpit Control Panel.
The Cockpit Control Panel is available in variants including:
  • Standalone CVR
  • Single CVFDR
  • Dual CVFDR
  • Standalone FDR
  • Standalone CVR with Internal CAM
  • Single CVFDR with Internal CAM
  • Dual CVFDR with Internal CAM
Dimensions145.8mm (5.74”) width,
28.3mm (1.15”) height,
75mm (3.0”) depth
28mm (1.1”) width,
23mm (0.91”) height,
52mm (2.1”) depth
WeightLess than 400g (< 0.9 lb) with CAM
Less than 300g (< 0.7 lb) without CAM
Less than 100 grams (standalone)
LightingBacklit text legends, 0-28VDC variable controlN/A
Mounting TypeDZUS Panel MountQty 2x #8-32 fasteners or mounted within cockpit control panel
ConstructionAluminium AMS QQ-A-200/8, ASTM-B221
FinishMIL-DTL-5541 Type II Class 3 on exposed and faying metal
MIL-PRF-85285 Top Coat (Black)
MIL-DTL-5541 Type II Class 3 on exposed surfaces
Power supply input28 VDC nominal, 10 to 80 VDC, DO-160 CAT ZN/A – powered from CVFDR
Input ConnectorM24308/24-9FN/A – fl ying lead (two wire M27500 shielded twisted pair)
Mating ConnectorM24308/4-8F
Operating Temperature (operating)-20 to +50 degrees Celcius
Operating Temperature
-55 to +85 degrees Celcius
Operating AltitudeUp to 55,000 ft
Environmental QualificationRTCA DO-160G
Design AssuranceRTCA DO-178C Level D
Design ApprovalsTSO-C123c, TSO-C124c as applicable
Production ApprovalsFAA TSOA, FAA 8130-3 Release
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Contact us for additional information and services quotes

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