The REVO 250LW CVFDR is designed for the light aircraft, unmanned aircraft and emerging Advanced Air Mobility (eVTOL) industry. Able to exceed EUROCAE ED-155 and meet all stringent ED-112A crash survivability requirements for Flight Data Recorders and Cockpit Voice Recorders when fitted without an underwater locator beacon for ultra-low SWaP (size, weight and power) at a price point of an ED-155 recorder.

With standard 16 gigabyte storage, the recording durations vastly exceed the ED-112A standards of 25 hours for data and audio.

Interfaces include:
  • ARINC717 (auto rate detection up to 2,048 wps)
  • ARINC429 (4 channels, automatic rate)
  • ARINC825 (dual or single channel)
  • RS422/485 (dual or single channel)
  • 10/100 Ethernet (2 ports) (e.g. for video recording or telemetry/maintenance interfaces)
  • 4 channel ED-112A compliant high quality audio

No proprietary GSE tools are required for download with an internal web server able to connect to a standard portable computer. A standard Internal TPM 2.0 security chip is able to enhance cyber security when connected to other ethernet based aircraft systems. Optional recording encryption utilizes asymmetric (RSA-2048) or symmetric (AES-256) algorithms.

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Compared with a modern and already lightweight Part 23 and Part 25 CVFDR (equipped with ULB), the AAM recorder further reduces the weight and volume by over 50% while still meeting the challenging ED-112A crash survival requirements.

Impact Shock3,400 g1,000 g
Penetration500 lb, 10ft dropNil
Static Crush5,000 lb1,000 lb
High Temp Fire1,100 deg C, 1 hour1,100 deg C, 15 minutes
Low Temp Fire260 deg C, 10 hoursNil
Deep Sea Immersion20,000ft, 30 daysNil
Dimensions80mm (3.1”) width, 155mm (6.1”) depth, 80mm (3.1”)
WeightLess than 2.3lb (1.05 kg)
Mounting TypeFlanged with Qty 4 #10 QPL fastener (e.g. NAS1352-
Mounting OrientationUnrestricted
ConstructionAluminium AMS QQ-A-200/8, ASTM-B221
FinishMIL-DTL-5541 Type II Class 3 on exposed and faying metal surfaces
MIL-PRF-85285 Top Coat (Aviation Orange)
Power supply input28 VDC nominal, 10 to 80 VDC, DO-160 CAT Z
Power supply
Maximum 4 watt
Sensor PackInternal MEMS AHRS and resettable impact switch
Input ConnectorMIL-DTL-38999 Series III, D38999/20FG35PN
Mating ConnectorMIL-DTL-38999 Series III, D38999/26FG35SN
Temperature-55 to +70 degrees Celcius (+85 non-operating)
AltitudeUp to 55,000 ft
Design AssuranceRTCA DO-178C Level D
Crash SurvivabilityEUROCAE ED-112A
Design ApprovalsTSO-C123c, TSO-C124c, TSO-C177a
FAA TSOA, FAA 8130-3 Release

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