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Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC prides themselves on their efficient, effective, and comprehensive data management and analysis capabilities. Our team of experts has decades of experience in all Honeywell “Chadwick-Helmuth” HUMS supporting software applications, to include VibDAS™, VibraLog™ and VibReview™ .

Vibration Data Analysis Software

The Vibration Data Analysis Software (VibDAS™) automates the entire process from data upload to generating event (vibration and parameter exceedance) reports. VibDAS™ condenses the inherent abundance of data that HUMS systems produce into digestible summaries for the customer.

VibDAS™ is Diagnostic Solutions International’s own data management & analysis tool.

Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth’s VibraLog™ and VibReview™

VibraLog™ performs the function of data analysis, data storage, and setup of the EVXP/ VXP Acquisition Unit and VibReview™ software application via output control code (configuration files) at the engineering level. The VibReview™ software application operates on a PC or the EVXP/ VXP Display Unit and performs data storage and trending at the user’s level.

Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC has extensive experience using both VibraLog™ and VibReview™, to include frequency modeling, configuration file generation (establishing/adjusting limits and sampling rate for both the data collector and VibReview, etc.), statistical analysis, report generation, and database maintenance.

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  • will promptly notify us if you learn of a security breach related to your username, password, or this contracted service; and
  • will only upload aircraft HUMS data relevant to this contracted service – acceptable data file extensions include .log, .ifo, .rpt, .cal, .gms, .vbl, .err, as well as compressed files containing the aforementioned file extensions.
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