DSI Helicopter Simulator


  • Portable, mutli-channel, configurable rotor track and balance and vibration simulator
  • Based on the original Chadwick-Helmuth Helisim with multi-sensor support and interfacing to improve operational compatibility with today’s diverse analyzers
  • Easier programming with up-to-date simulator ground station along with IOS and Android applications makes the new helicopter vibration simulator a more complete and user-friendly training and testing tool

Key Features, Specs, and Improvements

  • (4) velocimeter outputs
  • (4) 3-wire accelerometer outputs. (Supports ZTE)
  • (4) 2-wire ICP accelerometer outputs
  • (3) High temp accelerometer outputs
  • Chadwick 10200 photo probe output
  • FasTrak™ output
  • RS 232 Serial interface
  • USB Interface
  • WIFI Interface
  • 2 to 7 blade configurable
  • Mil Spec connectors
  • Rugged Extruded Aluminum housing
  • Interfaces to dedicated IOS or Android APP
  • Interfaces to existing WINSIM ground station software
  • Size – 6.0L x 4.6W x 1.5H (inches)
  • Weight 2.0 lb
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Helisim Specifications

WeightApprox 2.0 lb
DimensionsApproximately Size – 6.0L x 4.6W x 1.5H (inches)
Operating temperature0° to +70° C (+/-5%)
Storage temperature-20° to +70° C (+/-5%)
ResolutionVibration: 0.001 IPS
Azimuth: 1.000 RPM FasTrak: 1.000 mm (or)
0.010 in.
Average accuracyVibration: +/-1% of reading and
+/-0.005 IPS
Azimuth: +/-5% FasTrak: +/-2%
Voltage input9 to 15V (+/-5%)
Current150 to 250 ma (+/-10% at 12V)

Front Panel

  • The DSI Simulator’s front operation panel is the interface between the simulator unit and the user, output destinations, and any accessories (for example, a laptop)
  • Interfacing is done through the use of a simulator breakout cable assy. There are three different cable configurations to choose from

Cable Simulator Configurations

902-26208 “CH”
  • Supports Chadwick product lines such as the VXP, EV2K+, 8500C/C+, Vibrex™ 2000
902-26369 “ZTE”
  • Supports Poway products such as the ZTE, 1134, 1239
902-26370 “ALL INCLUSIVE”
  • All inclusive assembly to support both product lines
  • Tailored mainly for distributors but available to anyone
DSI Simulator Apps
  • Simulator configuration apps that allow rotor track and balance setup for up to 7 blades and 4 sensors for balance and vibration simulation
  • Available for IOS and Android
  • Uses WIFI connectivity
  • Existing WINSIM will have interfacing compatibility through serial connectivity
  • WINSIM is planned for overhaul in the near future to support current features, new features (WIFI and USB) and up-to-date Windows OS(s)
  • Overhaul will bring new look and easy configuration setup

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