Smart Charts™

Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth’s Smart Charts™ represent custom-designed application software that is dedicated to optimizing helicopter Rotor Track & Balance. The Smart Charts™ walk the user through equipment installation, operation, data acquisition, and ultimately provides the optimum rotor smoothing solution. This action blends the proper interaction between mass balancing and blade tracking which results in a solution that not only minimizes vibrations across the flight envelope but also minimizes blade track spread. The flight crew and aircraft are rewarded with lower vibrations, optimum aircraft performance and an overall improvement in ride quality. This is all accomplished in a minimum amount of time and fewer engine starts.

The Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth product line supports more than 250 aircraft / engine type model series.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information and services quotes.

Contact us for additional information and services quotes

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