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  • Verify information below below and edit as necessary. CUSTOMER ID and EMAIL are required.
  • Create a new Customer ID for you or your organization or use existing one if you have one. This ID is used to correlate additional or back up licenses for the same organization.
  • Do NOT edit COMPUTER NAME or COMPUTER CODE or generated license file will be invalidated for referenced computer.
  • Submit form.
  • Upon submission, DSI will generate a license file that must be installed on computer to be licensed. It will only be valid for that computer. Use “Load Permanent Licensing File” button in Licensing… dialog to validate license.
Please use existing CUSTOMER ID if one was already created for this or other DSI software products. Existing ID can be found by running a permanently licensed product and using ID in bolded info on top of "Licensing..." dialog box.
Computer Name & Code

Computer name and code can be obtained by installing product on new computer, selecting "Licensing..." on menu bar and copying from the computer code section OR by going to dsi-hums.com/downloads-file, then by downloading and running GetDSIComputerCode.exe.

License Request is for:

Licensing Terms

  • License pricing may be found by contacting DSI at [email protected] or by visiting dsi-hums.com/software-pricing..
    • — License cost may be included as part of a Purchase Order for a complete system. Refer to the Invoice or contact DSI for more info.
    • Quantity discounts may be applicable when purchasing multiple licenses. Contact DSI.
  • A Temporary License is granted when the product is first installed. The term of the Temporary License is 30 days after installation. Except for the ability to license the product, the functionality of the software will be greatly reduced or eliminated if software is run past the Temporary License period without obtaining a Permanent License.
  • A Permanent License must be acquired to use the product past the Temporary License duration. A Permanent License is locked to a specific computer. Use the “Permanent License” button in the “Licensing…” dialog to obtain a Permanent License.
  • One Backup License is granted free with the first Permanent License request. A Backup License is for emergency operation in case something happens to the Permanently licensed product or computer. Licenses are locked to unique information on a specific computer. A change in that information could cause the license to fail. The Backup License can be used until the Permanent License is regenerated for that computer free of charge.
    • A Backup License should not be used on a daily, non-emergency basis unless approved by DSI.
    • A Backup License is also locked to a specific computer. The same procedures used to obtain a Permanent License are used to validate a Backup License. Therefore, the Backup License must be requested with the COMPUTER CODE associated with the backup computer.
    • Generally speaking, there should only be one backup license per product per customer. This term can be modified by DSI for specific circumstances. For example, if multiple kits are purchased, each including the software product license, then a Backup License may be obtained for each one. Or, if the customer operates out of different locations, then one Backup License per location is acceptable.
    • Other terms are accepted if approved by DSI.
  • Additional computer licenses are available as part of a quantity discount or when multiple kits are purchased, each including a license. Use “Additional computer license” button in the “Licensing…” dialog.


  • DSI takes pride in the quality of it’s products but the software is provided “AS IS” without any warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. DSI will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason.
  • Never-the-less, DSI stands behind its products. Contact DSI if you encounter an issue or are suggesting a product improvement. DSI will evaluate each request and may issue a product update, either free of charge or for a fee, at its discretion. Issues that affect the product’s fitness for use or has safety implications will be given special consideration.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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