Technology-Driven company specializing in On-Board HUMS, FDM, Portable Aviation Vibration Analysis/ Rotor Track & Balance Equipment (RT&B), and Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR) design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution.


With over 300 years of combined experience, Diagnostic Solutions International LLC (DSI) is the Premiere Source for HUMS, RT&B Balance Analyzers, CVFDR, AVIONICS, SKY CONNECT & ASPIRE products. DSI offers an extensive knowledge base and expertise, yielding reduced down time, repair costs, and reactive maintenance.


We specialize in providing equipment sales calibration repairs, on sight tech support, training, and health and usage monitoring (HUMS) system data management and analysis.


PORTABLE CARRY-ON BALANCING EQUIPMENT for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, unmanned air vehicles and ground vehicles. A faster, better, proven next-generation embedded diagnostic solution.


On-board HUMS/Vibration Monitoring Systems enhance safety, increase availability and reduce operating costs.


Sky Connect Inflight Tracking global mobile aviation communications & tracking solution. Manage your entire in-air fleet with a complete Iridium® satellite tracking and communications solution.


HONEYWELL ASPIRE™ 200 SATCOM SYSTEM allows passengers and crew to be connected during flight, reduces workload and sends real-time data quickly to and from the aircraft.


Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC is the largest and most experienced Honeywell health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) calibration and repair expert.



Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC specializes in Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth HUMS. We offer our experience and specialized aptitudes in helicopter rotor track and balance, propeller balance, aircraft and engine component balance, vibration analysis, engine performance qualification, and HUMS data management and analysis.

Our diverse line of Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth aircraft balancing and vibration monitoring products, coupled with our experienced and strategically placed staff, provides a single point of entry for all of our customers’ HUMS needs, to include hardware, software, customer support, engineering and field support, system design and implementation, training, condition based maintenance (CBM), and data management and analysis services.


Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC has decades of experience relevant to the usage and operation of the Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth Carry-On VXP, On-Board VXP, EVXP, AIMS, Vibrex™ 2000 Plus, VMS II, 8500 C Plus, FasTrak™, Strobex, accelerometers, velocimeters, photocells, magnetic pickups, calibrators, tab tools, Smart Chart™ technologies, VibraLog™, VibReview™, VibDAS™, etc.

For Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) product details and quotes, please click the links under the “Honeywell HUMS” or “Honeywell Test” menus.

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