CVFDR – Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder


The REVOLUTION Series 200 (REVO 200 CVFDR) meet all EUROCAE ED-112A requirements for all aircraft classes in CVFDR or standalone FDR or CVR requirements, including 25 hour cockpit audio and datalink/CPDLC.


The REVOLUTION Series 250 (REVO 250LW CVFDR) is designed for the emerging Advanced Air Mobility industry, meeting all stringent EUROCAE ED-112A crash survivability requirements for Flight Data Recorders and Cockpit Voice Recorders when fitted without an underwater locator beacon for ultra low SWaP (size, weight and power) at a price point of an ED-155 recorder.

With significant redundant storage capabilities, the recording durations vastly exceed the ED-112A standards of 25 hours for data and video.

REVO Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)

The REVO Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) series features an internal back plane with up to eight interchangeable cards to support rapid customization and configuration for various applications.

REVO Micro Data Acquisition Unit (µDAU)

The REVO Micro Data Acquisition Unit (µDAU) series is a miniature hermetically sealed acquisition unit, useful for installation in harsh and remote locations to both simplify wiring harness design and improve signal fidelity by measuring input signals close to the source. Captive fasteners are included to minimize risks of FOD.

Quick Access Recorder (QAR)

The quick access recorder (QAR) is an extremely small LRU able to be acquire, process and store data from multiple sources in a readily accessible location.

The QAR automatically records to two independent storage mediums, a removable SD/SDHC memory card (up to 256 gigabytes), as well as an internal 4 gigabyte NAND SLC grade memory chip.

Aircraft Personality Module (APM)

The Aircraft Personality Module (APM) series 400-900-XX is a low cost, hermetically sealed configuration module intended to simplify configuration management and related logistics of acquisition and signal conversion systems by decoupling installation and application specific configuration from the host line replaceable unit (LRU).

Cockpit Area Microphone and Control Panel

The optional accessories for the 200 series cockpit voice and flight data recorder product line include a Cockpit Area Microphone, as well as a Cockpit Control Panel – meeting all applicable ED-112A crash survivability system performance regulations. The Cockpit Area Microphone is available either standalone, or centrally mounted within the Cockpit Control Panel.
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