Quick Access Recorder (QAR)

The Quick Access Recorder (QAR) is an extremely small LRU able to be acquire, process and store data from multiple sources in a readily accessible location.

The QAR automatically records to two independent storage mediums, a removable SD/SDHC memory card (up to 256 gigabytes), as well as an internal 4 gigabyte NAND SLC grade memory chip.

Data retrieval is through either removal of the SD card or an internal 4G LTE Cellular modem which can automatically upload recorded data to the cloud on aircraft touch down. The cellular module supports global frequency bands and incorporates an internal MIMO antenna array with no need for external antennas.

An optional weight-on-wheels signal prevents any RF transmission via hardware interlocks to prevent transmission in flight where applicable due to regional NAA requirement. To address cyber security considerations the QAR incorporates both high strength RSA 2048 bit and AES 256 bit encryption, supported with a TPM 2.0 security device. The QAR can also function as a ethernet to secure cellular communication bridge.


Dimensions55mm (2.2”) width, 48mm (1.9”) height, 40mm (1.6”) depth, excluding connector
WeightLess than 250 grams (< 9 oz)
Mounting TypeRigidly fixed to mating 38999 connector
ConstructionQQ-A-200/8 Aluminium with Ultem Antenna Cover (Cellular models)
FinishMIL-PRF-22750 black epoxy paint
Power supply input28 VDC nominal, 10 to 80 VDC, DO-160 CAT Z
Power supply consumptionMaximum 6 watt
Input ConnectorD38999/20FD35SN – or equivalent
Operating Temperature (operating)-40 to +70 degrees Celcius
Operating Temperature (non-operating)-40 to +85 degrees Celcius
Operating AltitudeUp to 55,000 ft
Environmental QualificationRTCA DO-160G
Design AssuranceRTCA DO-254 and DO-178C (as applicable)
Production ApprovalsFAA PMA with FAA 8130-3 release tag
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Data Sources:

  • Standalone CVR
  • Single CVFDR
  • Dual CVFDR
  • Standalone FDR
  • Standalone CVR with Internal CAM
  • Single CVFDR with Internal CAM
  • Dual CVFDR with Internal CAM

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