8500 C Plus

Chadwick-8500C-0604-000The Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth 8500 C Plus Balancer/Analyzer performs helicopter rotor track & balance, fixed wing propeller track & balance, helicopter and fixed wing vibration surveys, and vibration analysis/trend analysis.

This digital computer/FFT analyzer uses a bright, backlit display, integral printer, built-in help, and Smart Chart™ technology enabling anyone from the trainee to the experienced dynamics engineer to realize optimal maintenance solutions for all vibration-related maintenance tasks.

Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth 8500 C Plus Benefits/Features:

  • Smart Chart™ main rotor track & balance
  • Tail Rotor Track and Balance
  • Engine vibration analysis
  • High speed shaft balance
  • Vibration absorber check & adjustment
  • Vibration surveys for up to 36 channels
  • Data collection for trend monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance with VibraLog™ and VibReview™ software tools
  • Stand alone operation for “random” balance point, spectrum or other measurements
  • Vibration surveys for up to 36 channels
  • System includes Strobex or FasTrak™ optical blade tracker

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