Portable Diagnostic and Rotor Smoothing System
The most capable and cost-effective diagnostic system for helicopters.

The ZTE is part of an extensive and growing Total Condition-Based Maintenance solutions portfolio that includes HUMS onboard Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) hardware, Test portable rotor track and balance (RT&B) and Vibration Analysis (VA) hardware, Ground-Based software and Data Services remote diagnostics and service level agreements.
The ZTE is an easy-to-operate tool for performing helicopter rotor smoothing, engine performance checks, component balancing, vibration surveys, and complex vibration component analysis. The Test Elite can reduce measuring and verification flights, thereby increasing aircraft operational availability and readiness and enhancing safety.

ZTE Benefits/Features:

  • Smoothes aircraft in accordance with existing maintenance manuals in as few flights as possible
  • All data is collected at once and is processed as one unit resulting in a more accurate solution with fewer flights
  • Saves time and money on measurement flights
  • The Test Elite can be used on both helicopters and propeller-driven aircraft
  • Most advanced rotor smoothing technology on the market
  • State-of-the-art signal processing and diagnostic algorithms
  • Flexible design – configurable for use on most helicopters and propeller driven aircraft
  • Designed for the flight line – solid cast aluminum enclosure is moisture and shock resistant
  • MIL-STD EMI shielded connectors compatible with RADS™/AVA
  • Electronic Technical Manuals and Help Files
  • Rugged transport case with rollers
  • Light weight makes it easy to carry when traveling
  • Fully qualified to both FAA and military requirements

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