Sky Connect System

Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC is the Largest and Most Experienced Honeywell Sky Connect Global Mobile Communications and Tracking Solution Distributor

Now Honeywell allows you to manage your entire in-air fleet with a complete Iridium® satellite tracking and communications solution called Sky Connect.

Sky Connect is unique in that it provides text and talk functions along with total situational awareness; allowing for realtime tracking using the Iridium® satellite system anywhere in the world.

Sky Connect Text Messaging – allows for fast, simple text messaging between pilots and dispatchers. The pre-stored messages with fillable data fields and a full telephone keypad make text messaging with Honeywell’s MMU-II easy. Messages sent by ground support and dispatch personel are received instantly and message history can be quickly stored and then recalled at will.


Sky Connect Tracking System – Allows for equipped aircraft to be tracked globally in realtime using the Iridium® satellite network. The transceiver sends encrypted GPS position reports at set intervals to authorized control centers using secure data protocols; allowing dispatchers and ground support personel to know where all aircraft in a fleet are located every minute of the day.


Sky Connect Telephone – Using Honeywell’s MMU-II, full voice communication via telephone are another option for busy pilots and dispatchers. The Sky Connect Telephone system has a headset interface that is integrated into the pilot’s audio panel and allows for over 500 stored phone numbers shown with names to be accessed, for easy use.

Sky Connect Tracker Map – The web-based software displays aircraft location, GPS flight plans, crew status, and comes with weather overlays on topographical maps for full situational awareness. Text messages appear on the dispatchers’ map screen for effective fleet management. Sky Connect offers versatile architecture of interfaces and inputs that work with any situational display software.


Communications Innovation by Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell has developed this innovative comprehensive aircraft communications system using Iridium®, the world’s only global mobile satellite network that covers every inch of the world’s surface. Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC is proud to be a Honeywell Distributor and provider of equipment, installation, and service for the new Sky Connect communications and tracking system.

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